• White Sage Room Spray/Liquid Smudge

White Sage Liquid Smudge Spray can be used as an alternative to a smudge stick especially for those intolerant to smoke or in an area where smoke is not permitted. White Sage is used to clean and purify, also ideal for use in prayer or when wanting to build a spiritual connection.  Simply spray into the air for use when appropriate for ceremony and ritual, house and space cleansing etc. For personal smudging spray into the air and step into the spray.

White sage has a pungent, rich, rosemary-like smell.

Size: 2 oz (approximately 64 ml). Origin: New Mexico, USA. Spray pump bottle. Contains alcohol extracted white sage and white sage flower essence and distilled water. No preservatives, perfumes, dyes, or other chemicals.

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White Sage Room Spray/Liquid Smudge

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