• Smudge Stick - Four Directions

Smudge sticks containing Blue Sage (Grandmother Sage), Sweet Grass, Sage Flowers and Juniper. Blue Sage or Grandmother Sage is used for cleansing negative energies, Sweet Grass is said to help with balance and harmony, Sage Flowers with conflicting emotions and Juniper with inviting the positive. These smudge sticks are approximately 7.5 inch (19 cm) in length and come from Grand Mesa, Colorado.

Sweet Grass (Hierochloe odorata) is traditionally plaited into braids; when burnt it has a sweet fragrance. Believed to have similar properties to sage it can be used for purification and prayer.

Juniper leaf is traditionally used in many cultures to create a sacred and safe environment, dispelling negativity and bringing positive energies.

Fluorescent Ranch Palo Santo products are harvested in a traditional and ecological way and all plants that have been used are harvested through a sustainable, natural process.

Smudging - Light a flame to one end of the smudge stick, then blow it out and use the smoke. Can put out by stubbing in a bowl when finished (abalone shells are ideal for this).

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Smudge Stick - Four Directions

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