• Mayan Ceremonial Copal Resin Bundle

A bundle of sacred fragrant black copal resin chips wrapped in corn husk. Sweet, earthy and uplifting these resin bundles should be carefully opened and individual chips added directly to, for example, hot coals in a fire or a suitable burner to produce their aroma.

Fair Trade from Guatemala. Size of bundle approx: 27cm × 3cm × 3cm

Traditionally used by the ancient Mayans in fire rituals these bundles are now also used in contemporary practice in sweat lodges and saunas as well as for personal practice and smudging ceremonies.

Copal is an aromatic resin derived from the sap of trees from the Torchwood family and has a long history of use especially in Mexico (the word 'copal' derives from the Náhuatl term 'copalli') where it was highly valued and believed to be a healing aid as well as helping the mind communicate with the Great Mystery or Gods and Goddesses.

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Mayan Ceremonial Copal Resin Bundle

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